Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doctor Who viewing order

Ever wondered what order the episodes of Doctor Who (2005-) should be watched in?

If you watch them in order, you're missing chunks of the story.

Consider interspersing your viewing with episodes of Torchwood and (if you can find it) The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Some of these episodes bleed into one another.

Check out my spreadsheet to see if you should watch "Last of the Time Lords" before you catch Torchwood Season 2.  (Protip: yes, yes you should.)


  1. Just started watching Dr. Who with the kids. Connor, our oldest told us that we can't watch Torchwood until we finish Dr. Who.

  2. Not true! You can start Torchwood as soon as you finish Season 2 of Doctor Who. With all the Torchwood references buried in DW Season 2, it only makes sense :-)

    You can watch Torchwood 1 and DW 3 together for the most part, just be sure you see the last episode of Torchwood's first season before you start the last three episodes of DW's third season.

    I can't remember how old your kids are, but be warned that Torchwood is a bit racier than Doctor Who.

    (Also, to blow their minds - let them know that Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who!)