Monday, February 4, 2013

Don't Blink

Gotten a few people hooked by making them watch episodes with these guys.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

LEGO LotR minifigs

Like LEGO?  Like The Lord of the Rings?  Want to collect the entire Fellowship but don't know what sets to buy?

Wonder no further.

There's seven sets out there, but to get all of the fellowship, you really only need to buy 4 of them.  And you'll get some extra bad guys and some extra Frodos to sell on eBay.

Included in the spreadsheet is a Cost Per Minifig at the end, should you prefer to purchase the figures separately on another website.

Doctor Who viewing order

Ever wondered what order the episodes of Doctor Who (2005-) should be watched in?

If you watch them in order, you're missing chunks of the story.

Consider interspersing your viewing with episodes of Torchwood and (if you can find it) The Sarah Jane Adventures.  Some of these episodes bleed into one another.

Check out my spreadsheet to see if you should watch "Last of the Time Lords" before you catch Torchwood Season 2.  (Protip: yes, yes you should.)

I christen this blog...

It's easy to grin
When your ship comes in
And you've got the stock market beat.

But the man worthwhile,
Is the man who can smile,
When his shorts are too tight in the seat.

Uh huh yuk yuk hyuk...Okay, Pookie. Do the honors.